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Effective Time Management for College Students using Calendar System

Eric is having a hard time coping up with his schedules. Whenever the final examination is nearing, he always crams up to study his lessons. Moreover, the submission and the quality of his school projects are also affected. In other words, his schedule is a big mess for him.

If you are a college student with similar problems like Eric, there is a common problem that both of you are sharing with—it is about time management.

Being a student is synonymous to busy schedules. Your subject professors assigning mountain of homework, you are member of the dance troupe, and all other things that come with being a student.

You have so much to do but so little time to do it. It is a common problem for college students. Finding time to perform all possible activities that you will encounter during your college life is difficult. Instead of enjoying it, you will end messed up
How do you find time for all of this schoolwork? The best advice to avoid getting bogged down is to keep track of your time. Keep a record of your days and maintain your daily progress on the way to your objectives.

Remember that time management is vital; it will help you to determine your success in your college life. If you still uncertain on how you will organize your schedule, maybe you should have a time calendar as a gift for yourself.

Time Calendar System

It is similar to the calendar that you use in your home. However, it is customized to help you track down different activities. It includes the date and time of your activities.

You can also take down notes. For instance, you have cancelled your appointment with someone because of some reasons. College schedules are taking a long-term perspective on time.

There are different scales of time calendar that you can use. It can be a yearly, monthly, and weekly calendar.

Year Scale Time Calendar

It is not easy to monitor today’s activity and remember what needs to be done in six months. Plan ahead with a yearly calendar, divided into months. You can keep track of your short term and long-term goals.

For instance, your project submission is due for the next two months, then you can plan three months in planning how your project will be done.

You can also add all long-term deadlines on this calendar.

Monthly Scale Time Calendar

It is divided into the number of days in a month. You can include all paper deadlines, examination dates, and appointments that will be happening in that particular month so that you can plan.

Add self-imposed deadlines on personal appointments with your friends so that your college schedule with not be ruined.

Weekly Scale Time Calendar

Most students prefer a weekly scale of measurement because it is easy to update. Your weekly calendar includes your day-to-day appointments and deadlines. Have a group study on Thursday afternoon. You can record it here.

Daily to-do List

It will keep you moving on the way to your objectives on a daily basis. You can spare some 10 minutes every night and make a to-do list for the next day.

Have a glance over your calendar for the next couple of weeks to remember activities that need to be planned. Treat your daily to-do list as your friend. Never leave home without it.

• Always update your to-do list. Rank each item by importance. Get rid of unessential activities and include all the important ones.

• Schedule time to work on classes and research each day. It will help you to organize your class works and your research studies. Organized school works keeps you away from cramming and jamming up your schedules.

• Be flexible. Expect that in every activity, there is a possibility of interruptions that can result in the cancellation of that particular activity.

Planning your school schedule using the time calendar system will eventually enhance your time management skills.

So get started and have your time calendar with you all the time. As mentioned earlier, treat it as you friend and never leave your house without it.

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