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Have you ever run out of time to do something that you really need to do?

If you answered yes then maybe you did not manage your time very well. Time management is making the most of your schedules and makes sure your do it.

It is one of the most important skills to arm yourself with during college. You will be very busy on your studies and at the same time balance it by socializing with other students.

You have successfully passed the university exam, you are so happy that you will be able to meet new friends and perhaps have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Keep in mind that just entering college is the easy part, the hard part would be finishing it in one piece. College can be fun and at the same time frustrating, especially when your professor is giving you a hard time. You probably thought of these things when you first visited your university campus:

The campus is so big, I have to get ready for classes but I also want to go to parties.

I am scared. Help me.

Ok, so now I am in college. Now what?

Where is the bathroom?

Making it through college is not about how smart you are. It is not about how much you scored on your college entrance exams and it is not all about studying. People need to socialize, its part of their nature. College provides that but college also requires you to study.

You see, you have to balance your time between studies and socializing. Some college students study their minds out but some of them do not make it through college because of stress. Some college students think of the university as one big party organization.

The students either does not know how important it is to socialize and some are just plain lazy to study or does not know how important education is.

You may be a genius but it is not the key to be successful in college. So what is the secret to get you through college?

Time management is the key.

You have to balance everything in your college life. You have to do manage everything like, morning jogs, preparing for classes, studying, school organization activities, spending time with friends and sleeping.

Time management is not all about studying but also the awareness on relieving the stress of being in college.

Here are some ways on how you can effectively manage your so little time.

Set goals. Know what you want to achieve and make it your priority. This can be anything, whether you want to achieve the goal in a day, a week, or a semester. Ask yourself what your academic goal is.

Making goals can make it easier for you to look straight ahead; instead of juggling subjects that you think is easy, this could be very stressful and often results in not achieving your goal.

If you have more than one goal, then it is a good idea to subdivide it into manageable pieces. List down what you want to achieve for one week and for another week.

Prioritize. Once you are determined on the goals you want to achieve, you need to prioritize the activities required by the goal. This will help you determine what particular task needs to be accomplished first and what tasks can be set aside in the mean time. To achieve your priorities more efficiently, try to mark deadlines in your calendar.

Time management planning is there for you to follow. Do not stray from it. The key to time management planning is following it. Some college students get easily tempted by acquaintances to go to a party while the student is studying or in the process of achieving his or her goals.

They often think that they can put off the schedule until tomorrow. This often results in too much things to do the next day resulting in stress and frustration.

Make use of extra time. For example, instead of doing nothing in a class waiting for the professor, try to think of the last class assignment. If you are going to write an essay, use the time to think of a good topic for it.

This is a great way to manage your time into manageable pieces and great time saver. This also makes you more time to spend time with your friends. Just remember that the sooner you get a task done, the better instead of letting it wait.

You all probably thought that a day only lasts too short for you to finish all your work and wishes that there were more hours in a day, but it is literally impossible. Therefore, the best thing to do is utilize with what little time you have.

Make a time management schedule to set priorities straight and avoid being stressed out of trying to accomplish everything at once.

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